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Alleyene Plum and Rose Pink

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Allyene Pink and purpleYes, two new colours for our popular Alleyene Outfit. The new colours are amazing Plum (purple sort of ^_^) and hot rose Pink. Not much more to say really ^_^

Dominatrix in Venetian Red

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Dominatrix Venetian RedDunno why, but this colour seem to come back again and again for my clothes. This time it’s for my latest Latex outfit, that so far sold amazingly good (the boots too BTW ^_^). So I present to you the Dominatrix in Lovely Venetian red. Can be found at my main store at Absolutely Fabulous Galleria. I am trying to get it out on my other vendors as fast as I can.

A NEW VENTURE FOR AW (Absolutely Fabulous Galleria) AbFab

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

AbFab Poster 01WHAT??You may say… Well to cut a long story short (er) lol it has been a dream of Adrina and mine to build our own shopping space..and we hope you’ll agree Adrina has done it with FANTASTIC style!!!

Based a little on the Art Deco movement with the most amazing glass roof it houses 60 well planned and thought out shop spaces of which ALL are ground floor. The idea is to make shopping and selling as fun and easy an experience as possible and to take all that we hate about shopping in SL and leave it behind. The prims are generous as is the selling spaces. Of course Aw Designs and FickleFee (that’s me lol) have moved our main stores to AbFab. Please come and have a look whether you want to buy or sell and tell us what you think…… just search Absolutely Fabulous Galleria or Aw Designs

Hope to see ya there soon ;-)

SLURL To the Galleria 

Signing off…. Fee xx

Dominatrix and Bootlex

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

DominatrixA new latex outfit containing a semitransparent catsuit and a solid latex leotard + a corset and panties with lots of combination possibilities is now available in the main store. It comes in different layers to suit your needs better, so you can wear tattoos or such like under if you wish.

I have also made my first boots, which go with the Latex outfit perfectly and are sold separately. They are PVC boots that go over the knees and are built in prims entirely. There is also a version where the top is folded for a compleatly different look.