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Happy rezzday to me ^_^

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Yet another year. Time sure fly.  Hey I am two rezzyears… Yay *runs around like a maniac waving her arms* ^_^

Aros – New Shoes

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Yes, some new shoes. But this time it’s not high heels, but some sporty and stylish sneakers with patterned fabric. Built mostly with sculpted prims . They are made in two different versions. One unisex version with more traditional sneaker sole and one that has a bit more of a thicker high heel sole for you sexy women. We have released it in  9 different colours + a Halloween version that will only be on sale around Halloween. We have also started with value packs.

So get running!!!
Come on down to the main store and take a look. ^_^

Greetings Mortals! it’s soon time…

Monday, October 13th, 2008

When the time comes and the Pumpkin King once again visits us, with a delightful grin and a evil laughter. Door hinges creaking in his presence. That’s when his Pumpkin minions roll down the hills with their flickering eyes and garish grins. When the sounds of thousands and thousands of marching spiders legs makes you shiver deep into your bones. That’s when it’s time to join his ghoulish company, dressed in Orange you will melt in, with spiders climbing your body and the Pumpkin Kings wicked grin behind you.

So come on down to the main store mortals, and take a look at our Halloween version of Allayene that once again, for a short time, is haunting this store.