Greetings Mortals! it’s soon time…

When the time comes and the Pumpkin King once again visits us, with a delightful grin and a evil laughter. Door hinges creaking in his presence. That’s when his Pumpkin minions roll down the hills with their flickering eyes and garish grins. When the sounds of thousands and thousands of marching spiders legs makes you shiver deep into your bones. That’s when it’s time to join his ghoulish company, dressed in Orange you will melt in, with spiders climbing your body and the Pumpkin Kings wicked grin behind you.

So come on down to the main store mortals, and take a look at our Halloween version of Allayene that once again, for a short time, is haunting this store.

Filed under New Items, Outfits by Adrina Welders at Monday, October 13th, 2008, 11:12

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