About AW Design

Aw Design can be found in Second Life and was founded by Adrina Welders in January 2007. She started with very few items, which had been made by herself in the hope that other people would like them. They did and the business grew, as did the amount of high quality items that are all unique to AW Designs.

Adrina takes time to hand draw and texture her items to perfection, never scrimping on detail. Her outfits are admired throughout SL and can be found in various shops and malls throughout SL. The Main store being at Absolutely Fabulous Galleria.

Adrina continues to add new items to the collections and has had the latex L-001 suit reviewed and recommened by Linden Lifestyle… a truly unique item, also available in several flagged versions. The brand new outfit Alleyene is another sell out hit with her fans…

We look forward to Adrina’s next collection with enthusiasm…

Fee Cuddihy

Written by Fee Cuddihy at Wednesday, July 11th, 2007, 12:00